The Maintenance Department provides preventative maintenance and response services to provide safe, clean and secure schools for our students and staff.

Current Maintenance Department Links

Online MSDS Materials

Current Maintenance Department Forms

Air Handler Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Utility Room (pdf)

Check-Out Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Third Bedroom (pdf)

Cleaning Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Second Bedroom (pdf)

Custodial Inventory (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Misc (pdf)

Electrical Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Master Bedroom (pdf)

Equipment Inventory-Master (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Living Room (pdf)

Fire Drill Log (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Kitchen (pdf)

Freezer Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Hallway (pdf)

Fuel Transfer Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Exterior (pdf)

Furnace Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist Comments (pdf)

Furniture Form (pdf)

Inspection Checklist (pdf)

Generator Checklist (pdf)

Safety-Maintenance Checklist (pdf)

Generator Data Sheet (pdf)

Self-Inspection Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Bathroom (pdf)

Site Projection Description (pdf)

Housing Checklist-Boiler Room (pdf)

Winterization Checklist (pdf)

Housing Checklist (pdf)

Vandalism & Property Report (pdf)

Custodial Report (pdf)

Housekeeping Report (pdf)

Summer Project Record (pdf)