Parent & Tribal Consultation

Southwest Region School district realizes the importance of parents and tribal organizations in the education process of the children we serve.  SWRSD is working on increasing collaboration with parents and tribal organizations as educational programs continue to progress and develop.  Communication is a key component to having more collaborative opportunities between SWRSD and parents.  In addition, SWRSD recognizes the importance of making evaluations of programs, applications, program descriptions, and plans for improvement readily available SWRSD would like to hear your feedback regarding educational programs, the Indian Policy & Procedures, equal participation of Alaska Native students in educational and co-curricular programs, and use of state & federal funding.  Parents and tribal councils will receive a letter providing information about the process for providing feedback.  In an effort to reduce costs, most of the resources will be made availabe on this webpage, including a short description of each document and a link to download the document.

There are a variety of methods for which parents, tribal organizations, and other stakeholders can provide feedback and/or ask questions.  These methods include:

  • The public comment time during SWRSD School Board meetings (contact Barbara Andrew as This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 907 842 5287 to be put on the agenda)
  • The public comment time at local CSC meetings (contact your local principal)
  • Participate and complete survey forms
  • Contact your local principal
  • Participate in the parent advisory committee (contact Jon Clouse at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 907 842 5287 if interested)
  • Provide comment to the district at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Below are the documents for educational programs, program evaluations, state & federal grants, Indian Policy & Procedures, Title I Schoolwide Plans, and district/school achievement data.  There is a short description followed by a link to each document.

Parent/Tribal Letters

Parent Consultation Letter

Tribal Consultation Letter

Annual Parent Notifications

Responses to Questions & Comments from Parent, Community Members, and Tribal Councils

Indian Policy & Procedures - BP 6174.1
The Southwest Region School District has adopted an updated version of the Indian Policy & Procedures under board policy 6174.1.  The intent of these policies is to provide Tribal Council organizations and parents of Alaska Native/Indian children the opportunity to provide feedback about the consultation process and equal participation of Alaska Native children in educational and co-curricular programs.  SWRSD encourages the parents & Tribal Councils to review the procedures and provide feedback and/or ask questions. 


Impact Aid Application Summary

Impact Aid provides financial assistance to school districts affected by federal activities. Because federal property is exempt from local property taxes, Impact Aid helps to replace the lost revenue that would otherwise be available to pay for educating children who live on Indian lands and/or whose parents work on federal property. Southwest Region School District receives funding for each child that lives on Indian lands.  SWRSD applies for Impact Aid funding that provide general support to the educational programs throughout the district.  Impact Aid funding is determined by the number of students that reside on eligible lands.


Federal & State Grant Synopsis
There are a number of grants and state programs that help develop and implement the educational programs in all of our schools.  Southwest Region School District feels it is important that you know the purpose of these grants and programs. So as part of this packet, a summary of each grant including the purpose, additional information, and budget overview has been provided.


Educational Program Overview
There are a number of educational programs at the district and school level. The link below is to a document that provides and overview of the district curricula and educational programs. Each Tribal Council was invited to attend a CSC meeting that included an overview of the educational programs in SWRSD and at the local school level.  This usually occurs at a CSC meeting in the fall.


Indian Education Annual Performance Report
SWRSD receives funding from Indian Education (Title VI) program.  This funding is used to support the implementation of the Yup’ik Studies program throughout the district.  This report shows the results of the most recent state assessment and graduation rates of students throughout the district.


Migrant Education Evaluation
Included is a summary of the services provided by the migrant education program.  The summary also includes an evaluation of the program based on the goals and objectives of the program.


Title IA Schoolwide Plans
Each of our schools create a Schoolwide plan that is continuously reviewed and revised by a local stakeholder group.  The purpose of the plan is to develop a needs assessment, then create goals and plans to address specific areas of need within the school.  To access these plans click on the following link: Title I Schoolwide Plans


District/School Report to the Public
In this packet is the district-wide and the local school report to the public, often referred to as district and school report card.  The reports provide a snapshot into district-wide and local school student and teacher data.  These reports are prepared for the previous school year because much of the data is not available until after the school year ends. To access these reports click on the following link: Report to the Public